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A - Agriculture. Fortunately the land is fertile and yet agonisingly there is little opportunity to cultivate the rich potential of various crops. The cost of machinery and expertise is not without its needs - much is needed in the area of finances and education. There is land available.
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Although land is available, the great challenge now is how to cultivate vegetation. The land is fertile yet there's a great lack in resources so much so that the labour is significantly disproportionate to the yield derived from crops. Over the years, we have engaged many specialists in agriculture but without the means of financial support, many plans are still on the drawing board.

A great need at the moment is to acquire a Tractor. With the land available, we believe the use of a Tractor will significantly improve the agricultural output.

We believe the team from the CAME project are sufficiently motivated and flexible to make use of any resource that can help us achieve the reality of a sustainable agricultural project.