Welcome to the CAME Project
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The C.A.M.E. Project was birthed on Wednesday 11th December 2007 - five years after its conception. 

We are a non-denominational Christian group seeking others with a heart for – to put it bluntly – humanity. Our mission is not to cater to Christian believers only but also to anyone and everyone in need. Ultimately, we are guided by the Christian principle to love one another and by the great commission to extend the gospel of Jesus Christ into the outermost.

Some pictures of the ministry teams in Gambia:
MinistryTeamGambia1.JPG   MinistryTeamsGambia.JPG   MinistryTeamGambia.JPG

The long-term goals would establish the following:

  - Fully resourced ministry teams

  - Farming tools and machinery. Fortunately farming lands have been provided

  - Provide facilities to care for the sick

  - Adequate academic support to enable children and young adults to benefit from regular school programs    

This four-fold approach is anchored around the acronym that has come to be known as the C.A.M.E. Project: 

C - Christianity. We aim to tell everyone of the Life Saving Good News. The collaborative endeavour/partnership has one result/end in sight, that of bringing the full Knowledge and Spirit of Jesus Christ to the children of The Father. We remain resolutely clear that Through Him and in Him is the life abundance that has yet been made available. It is not by our own devices that we enjoy what life has to offer but it is in knowing Him and His Resurrected Life that we ourselves experience the fullness of Life that His Cross provided!     

A - Argriculture. We appreciate the need to feed the body. We seek to provide expertise in the use of farming machinery and knowledge of  good farming techniques.

- Medication. We want to provide medical care and facilities to those in need.

E - Education. We endeavour to make available every education to support the proper application of the above. We also offer academic education to children and provide support to those already in establised academic institutions. In every way we endeavour to facilitate the effective deployment of the 4 areas of CAME by sourcing and providing sustainable expertise and support. By all means, such an endeavour will accomplish little without the mighty collaboration of your prayers which together will accomplish far more in a shorter time than conceivably possible. 

Your generous donation is graciously accepted...