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Dear Friends, we are at the early stages of an exciting venture to build a new school:




The VISION is to have the best and most conducive learning center in kombo south, and beyond. Where learning is fun and inspiring for children as solid foundations for MATHS and THE SCEINCES are being laid in the TOTAL CHILD. The challenges of offering good education results in very poor maths and science foundation which by extension impacts the quality of a child’s career path and ultimately affects negatively the rate of development for the wider community and eventual economy of the country. Presently foreign teachers are helping with math and science and these are found in very expensive private schools. The fees prohibit quality education being available to every child

Kombo South is part of the Western Region of the Gambia, the most populated region were the highest population density is found.

In developing the TOTAL CHILD, our first target will be to design and build the nursery school classrooms and the toilets. We will start as follows:


Phase 1 - Start with at least 35 to 40 pupils. This batch will be graduated by the end of the academic year to nursery two thus nursery one classroom freed for fresh enrolment.


The nursery school will be a precursor to developing the next stage of the project: Primary school.


Phase 2 - We would like to then launch into the primary level stage - about two years after phase one started, and so on and so forth steadily to their sixth grade. By this time we would have been able to lay a good and solid foundation because we would have had quality time with the children, availing us enough time to assess and evaluate our progress and the pupils’; knowing them individually - bonding and imparting a secure foundation whilst being a part of their lives and families. 



In case of transfers especially for the primary school, we would conduct a test to assess the child in order not to water down our standards in so doing maintain the quality of pupils we intend to produce. We want to produce STAR LIGHTS for the nation. We are aware that having the whole nation in mind is quite a challenge but we take encouragement from the Chinese proverb that says “little people doing little things all over the world can change the face of the world”


We will be very clear on our intentions about the quality and caliber of our staff who would be made up of the SAVED. We are convinced that the quality we aspire for is genuinely found among those who know, uphold and live by kingdom values, knowing human worth and the value of a soul. A very highly motivated teaching staff, who are enthusiastic, dedicated, and committed to EXCELLENCE in rendering solid and quality foundational education.


In order to achieve this goals, we are sending the “Macedonian call”, get involved, come over, help and support us in every way you can.


We need (presently):


1) Educationists to help us not only in coming for short term and long term teaching and guiding resource but to also help in augmenting the training of our staff in math and the sciences. Though they are college graduates


2) Support in designing curriculum in order to achieve this goal


3) Learning materials for children in a world that is increasingly technological in its quest for development.


Whoever the Lord will touch in his/her heart to help in these and in any other ways not mentioned (or perceived as vital, but not mentioned), will be eagerly welcomed; The Lord Willing.


Yours in His service,

The CAME Project and Alex & Daba Grant.


Needs this fund raising campaign will address in Gambia:


Although these campaigns happen over a day, the needs are ongoing.
So please consider supporting us through:

a) Online Paypal donations on our website: (Click on Paypal DONATE icon on top of this page)

b) Direct financial donations at the Post Office (bulletin de versement - Account number = 12-464163-1 Account Name = Association CAME Project) - Applicable in Switzerland only


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