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We are again overwhelmed with the great outcome of the event held on Saturday 7th July 2012.
We thank our dear families and friends who helped to make the day the great success it was.
The Lord Jesus Christ Bless you beyond your wildest expectations!!!
We raised an incredible CHF960 – proceeds from activities on the day:
Arts & Crafts
Home made cakes
Donations (including online Paypal donations on this website).

The Prize Winners from the Tombola were:
Liz – Voucher for Manor
Constance – Voucher to The Royal Plaza Hotel in Montreux
Jannie – Golden Pass to The Pléiades
Teresa – Golden Pass to Rochers-De-Naye
Doris – Voucher to The Royal Plaza Hotel in Montreux

And not forgetting the live music on the day reminding us of Gambia - from our Kora Musician, Ousman and Pianist Anyi.

You can be sure that every financial amount raised fulfils great accomplishments in Gambia and beyond…

All Praises and Thanks to Our Precious Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

Highlights of 7th July 2012:

Other Highlights on the day:



On Saturday 10th December 2011 at All Saints' Church in Vevey, Switzerland, we were very excited to host an awareness & fund raising event.

A first for the CAME Project - engaging the public.

The turnout was
considered a huge success. Locals; strangers near and far; precious friends and relatives all joined in one accord to reach our brothers and sisters in Gambia. We celebrated Life!

Together we raised an incredible CHF1865 - we are naturally extremely grateful and thankful; together as One Body we can make a real difference, the kind that lasts a lifetime...

Highlights of the day:


We continue to receive growing support in many different ways. If you wish to be a part of this - then be reassured that this project is open to everyone. Why not write us...

Looking forward to updating you on the next event...

We have, to date, been privileged to be a part of the following developments in the rural parts of Gambia:

Bible distribution & Radio broadcast transmissions
Operating costs for the team

As growing Believers, the most precious resource on which to build the Faith rests in being able to access The Word. The Bible is being translated into the local dialects 

Bibles.JPG              Shoes1.jpg             Shoes2.jpg

Well building & House builiding

wrk.jpg              Homes.JPG

Provision of orphan care and school education

children1.JPG                 Ophaned.JPG                 children2.JPG
Provision of school uniforms and related education materials

Solar Panels – Gambia is thankfully blessed with year round sunshine and being able to tap into this free energy resource has given hope to villages far out of reach of the national electricity grid lines. Torchlights have also been provided 

Purchase of donkeys and other animals
to assist in farming based activities

Purchase of
seeds of nutrient-rich argricultural produce

Recent Past Events:


Identified needs being met today in Gambia:

...Updating... (please visit again soon).

There are many plans in the pipeline, much of which involves copious amounts of planning, meetings and negotiations. We will be posting these in the near future. 

If you have friends or relatives who would be interested in the CAME philosophy, just use the form in the Contacts page to let us know who they are. We're sure they would appreciate your recommendation and so would we.

Our current focus is in the country of Gambia in West Africa - please click on this link to review some facts and figures about this beautiful country: