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C - Christianity. The Message of Life is circulated through a structure that is led by a Pastor who works directly with the elders, who in turn disciple members of the Church to reach out to those in far removed villages.  This outreach endeavour requires constant prayers as much of the efforts to reach out are confronted by long held cultural values that come into conflict with the central essence of Christianity. As such, those called out ones often find they are castigated and rejected from what had previously been a family bond.

Partnership in The Gambia.

Profile - a word from our partner:
“My name is Modou Lamin Sanneh and the first son from a muslim family. I was born and brought up in islam. From my early years I had a hunger for God and to serve Him. I searched for the True Way to Serve God. One day I met an Evangelist who introduced me to Christ. I invited Him into my life and started to Worship Him. I trained as a Nurse and Applied Agronomy and Linguistics. It was when I got involved in translating The New testament into Mandinka that The Lord called me to Serve Him full time. I went to study Missions and later Theology in Ghana. The Lord Gave me the Burden to do Evangelism and Missions and Church Planting in The Gambia and Senegal.The Lord Has Blessed me with a wonderful partner and three children – two boys and a girl who are supportive to us in the Ministry. It is a joy for us to have the New Testament and the Bible translated into Jola and Mandinka and The Lord Willing, they are to be dedicated in the new year (2012).The CAME Project is a project that has answered to the Macedonian Call for us as we were praying for relevant partners. We are very much Blessed as we are in good partnership. The Project is supporting us for our workers. It gave us shoes that we distributed in different villages and many lives were touched. They also helped to fence a garden and dug wells and provided solar panels. They indeed have answered to the Macedonian call and we Thank The Lord for them. We give God The Glory for all He Is Doing in our midst. We Thank The Lord for our partnership. Pastor Modou”

Some of the teams currently supported by CAME:

Area: Bwiam village
SekouAnnaNaomi.JPG                                    Youths.JPG
Pastor: Sekou, his wife Anna and their daughter Naomi. They run this Christian Youth Centre 60kms from the capital city. Within the centre is a dormitory that currently supports 13 boys and girls of 15 years and older. These precious ones are trained in Christian principles and follow codes of conduct whilst residing at the Youth Centre. Many come from the Catholic schools and end up being Born Again by the time they are ready to leave the care of Sekou and his team. The parents of these children very much desire that their children are grounded in Christian ethics and hold fast to the Faith as more and more children and parents feel a growing pressure to renounce The Faith. The dedication of the team here is without its challenges when grooming adolescents to become future responsible members of society nonetheless, the tireless efforts and round the clock care we witnessed whilst meeting with the care team was truly inspiring. Notwithstanding, this care team make the most of any resource and support available and, given the huge needs they are presented with, every single gesture of goodwill goes a long way in meeting the needs of this centre.

Area: Jalokoto village
BakarySamual.JPG                                       HomeChurch.JPG
Pastor Bakary and his wife, Epiphania. They have two sons: Samuel and Emmanuel. This growing ministry is faced with a challenge to remain in their home as neighboring residents feel threatened by their Christian presence. The elders in this village only want one religion to prevail and; it is not Christianity. Although faced with constant disapproval (and one can imagine how this could play out in a close village settings), this precious family nonetheless remain sensitive and caring towards the local community. They are currently in need of land to grow their crops to sustain themselves and the current 10 members of the growing congregation.

Somita village
Pastor Wuyea and his wife Nyima and their children Isa, Amos and their new born (26th March 2011). This ministry team have opened a kindergarten were they look after more than 10 children from within the village and surrounding areas. As they live some kilometers from the brethren at Jalokoto, they meet with Pastor Bakary’s team twice a week for Bible studies and Worship services.

Area: Tujering village
TujeringAlexDaba.JPG          Tujering.JPG          Tujeringcows.JPG
Pastor Alex, his wife Daba and son are responsible for the ministry team in this quiet village which is about 40kms from town. Despite lacking basic homely needs (such as running water, electricity), this precious family nonetheless keep an open house philosophy with their surrounding neighbours with whom they share basic necessities. They also hold regular Christian activities such as bible studies and outreach ministries to villagers near and far.

There is much need in the area of literature material as well as sustenance for both those with an evangelical calling and those who are new to the Faith.